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Water Features

Water features in a backyard oasis can provide many benefits along with being a centerpiece adding uniqueness and beauty to your landscape. We can construct with concrete or install purchased fountains. Our irrigation systems can be designed to provide water to a water feature planned in your landscape design. 

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Water features are a great way to add sound and a visual to your backyard oasis. They can add “white noise” to drown out unwanted traffic noise too. They obviously have a natural calming and Zen feel to your landscape that can help alleviate stress and give you that spot to unwind from the day at. The mild year-round weather in the Sacramento Area lends itself to more use throughout the year of your backyard and it should be that place of relaxation.

More and more, water features are becoming a significant part of Xeriscaping (Drought Tolerant Landscaping) to add sound, visual interest, and ambiance. The popularity of water features is growing. They add a high-end unique look to the design of your front or backyard.


During years of a drought, bird baths are being designed into a landscape to provide native birds a sanctuary from the lack of water and summer heat. This is another popular trend that offers beauty, function, sound, and visual interest.


We build concrete water features with all the choices of any other concrete project. When we are installing irrigation systems within a landscape, it is easily incorporated into the design. Most common are the water fountains or features that can be found at local garden nursery stores.


We can construct a one-of-a-kind concrete feature or install one of your choice. Water features should be a continuation of the style and design of the overall property, including the style of the home. They can be sleek and modern, rustic, humorous, or very Zen-like. Because water features make a statement about your home, it should reflect your lifestyle.

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