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Pool Decks

Concrete work is an integral part of most hardscape designs throughout a project, including the area surrounding a pool. We offer a complete line of concrete services with a variety of decorative finishes to complement the surrounding landscape and create your vision. Our professional concrete installers can transform your pool and backyard oasis to one of relaxation, fun, and beauty.

Modern style pool villa


Patterns –

Concrete can be poured in any shape or size to fit a specific design which lends itself to be a material of choice around the pool. Decorative concrete can also simulate the look of natural stone. Made with the same products as standard concrete, it is processed to create a more realistic pattern on the surface. As a result, you have many choices to select from with color and stamp patterns for a customized pool deck look.

Colors –

Adding stain or color to the concrete offers a lot of versatility and custom design to your pool deck and is easily matched with the total design of your hardscape. Our experience, professional team has the skills to install any type of decorative concrete surface or customized design work. With the use of stains and other shading techniques, we can color the concrete to adjust the tone of your pool deck to incorporate the overall design of your outdoor living area.

Durability –

Not only do concrete pool decks offer versatility and durability but they are functional as well. Your design should also incorporate safety from slips and falls around the wet surfaces of the pool deck. Our team of professional concrete installers will give you the best end result that you will be proud to show off during the summer pool parties.


Stained Surfacing –

If your existing concrete has little to no damage but you are not a fan of stamped patterns, perhaps staining is a good option for you. This alternative allows us to change the appearance of your pool deck without disturbing the existing structure. This procedure changes the color of the concrete surface surrounding your existing pool.

Spray Knockdown –

This is an acrylic coating application that is sprayed onto the pool deck and then troweled flat enough to create a slip-resistant texture, giving you that necessary safety in and around the pool. One benefit of this process is that it also stays about 30% cooler than other applications.

Stamped Overlay –

In a decorative concrete pool deck, a mixture is poured on the surface at about ⅛ inch thick and then stamped with specific patterns. Our process has the power to transform existing concrete structures into visually appealing design features that fit your home, style and budget. You can select from designs that mimic high-end materials such as brick, slate, wood and even natural stone.

Content by Milton's Concrete Sacramento Concrete Contractor

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