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Milton’s Concrete has many years of experience installing concrete driveways. Our team has developed an efficient process that we use on every job, large or small. Our well trained team combined with the utmost attention to detail has grown our reputation as an excellent concrete contractor for residential driveways.

Smoothing Concrete


Versatility -

Design versatility is the greatest reason for choosing concrete as the material for driveways. Many new builds provide concrete driveways and the most common project requested is turning a two-car driveway into a third pad for parking. The second most common application is to demo the existing cracked driveway and replace it with a newly poured driveway, giving an older home better curb appeal and longevity. Concrete can be designed to match existing patterns to maintain a consistent appearance and add value and beauty to your home. We will help you chose the texture, design, color and layout of your driveway.

Durablity –

A decorative concrete driveway blends well with nature in most locations and has the longevity and endurance to add value and beauty to your home. They have an excellent durability in our Sacramento area enduring the summer's high temperatures and winter's cold. A well designed driveway can enhance your home and last for decades.

Affordablity –

Concrete driveways are an affordable solution, compared to blacktop, pavers or natural stone. Installation is relatively quicker and can give that high-end, luxury appearance. Adding color, stamping, or matching an existing design can give your home excellent curb appeal in a cost-effective solution.


Our clients usually have a vision in mind when they call us. We listen to your ideas and how you intend to use the area, then create a vision that will bring your project to realty and, hopefully, exceed your expectations. With our professional team, we can construct just about anything you can envision for your home.

Concrete driveways can be shaped and decorated into various designs. Stamping and coloring is one way to get a high-end look at an affordable cost. After the concrete is poured and stamped stamped with a design selected, we add the color and shade you have chosen. Our expert concrete finishers use staining agents to treat the driveways, allowing the color to remain on surfaces for a long period of time.


Stamping is a way to add texture or natural look to the concrete. Brushed concrete can be used in combination with stamping as a border, adding a sophisticated look to a simple driveway. A concrete driveway can also be a brushed slab with different color borders. There's many ways to design a unique look to make your home stand out from the rest.

Content by Milton's Concrete Sacramento Concrete Contractor

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