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When it comes to installing a patio, it may be difficult to find a balance between functionality, quality, longevity, low-maintenance, and price. When you work with a professional, experienced concrete contractor, you not only receive a high-quality result but you also get a custom designed patio that fits your lifestyle at an affordable price. Wood decks need annual maintenance that is time-consuming and can be expensive. The man-made decking materials can be expensive and not offer the flexibility you may need in your design. Concrete is a great solution that can offer a variety of textures, shapes and colors.

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Versatility –

If your outdoor space is an extension of your indoor living, then a concrete patio is the best option for many reasons. When it comes to the concrete patios, you will get to choose from many different textures, designs, shapes and colors to fit your individual style and needs. They will make your outdoor living area look more stylish and functional for many years to come.

Durability –

Concrete is a widely used material that is more cost effective, quicker to install, and durable that can withstand the many uses of a homeowner and extreme weather conditions. Concrete is not only highly resistant to abuse, but it also is capable of being brushed, stamped, stained, and even colored in a variety of shapes, while being the most durable material available, lasting for years when properly installed and maintained.

Affordability –

Adding value to your home, from an investment standpoint, decorative concrete patios cost less than those made with brick, pavers or natural stone. A concrete patio is the most cost-effective way to create a functional, multi-use, but decorative addition to your outdoor living space. 


Concrete is like a blank canvas where you can create texture, color, and design. Not only can concrete be poured in just about any shape or size to fit your outdoor area, but in addition you have a large number of options that you can't get with other patio materials. We will provide you with a landscape design and assist you with the choices available to create that perfect outdoor room that will reflect your lifestyle and needs. Whether you are looking for the "old-world" Mediterranean look, traditional style, or a sleek contemporary design, we can do it all. We will collaborate with you to come up with a design to fit your lifestyle and the style of the home.

Colors –

There are several ways of infusing color into concrete, such as stains, antiquing agents and powdered pigments. Our professional concrete finishers can also customize the color of the patio to simulate natural materials that will complement the overall landscape design of your space. Our team can also create a custom look to your concrete patio by adding a decorative border with a contrasting tone.

Patterns –

Stamped patios are created with the use of large metal stamps to imprint patterns in fresh, poured concrete. This allows the hardscape to take on the high-end look of other materials like stone, flagstone, slate, tile, wood, and brick. With the flexibility of concrete, your patio can have a custom, luxury, decorative flooring option for your outdoor area.

Content by Milton's Concrete Sacramento Concrete Contractor

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