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Stairways and Steps

The one element of a hardscape design that is often overlooked is the stairways. Steps can be simply designed, curved to look more inviting, and even a very contemporary layout that is also functional. Stairways can be considered the accessory to a good design, but are also extremely important in safety. Our custom designed landscapes include the access to elevated areas and bring an element of a high-end look to the front of the home, side area, and backyard projects.

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Grey Garage Door


Versatile –

The design and color of the stairs are made to harmonize with the interior and exterior of homes or buildings. The stairway changes into more than just a footpath once it is installed. An installation of concrete steps becomes an architectural highlight in the property at the entrance. We are experienced in measuring your space to ensure that the perfect size stairway is fabricated for your location. You can rely on our experience to create long-lasting concrete steps.

Durable –

Concrete is an incredibly strong material that has been utilized for many years. It is very useful for a wide range of outdoor surfaces, like driveways or patios. When you are looking for something that is weather-resistant and sturdy, then concrete steps may be exactly what you need. They can be exposed to sun and rain, so they are durable by nature. A concrete stair is likely to last for years to come, which makes them great for use. It is good that a stairway can be easily installed in a building and yet give the attractive looks of concrete because of its resilience.


Affordable –

Concrete steps are more economical than natural stone steps and can be poured right in your backyard. The speed at which concrete can be laid contributes to the overall cost savings. During the installation, it is important to have trained individuals to ensure that all work will be completed within a reasonable time frame.


Stairways and steps are not a throw-away in your design. Just like the other areas of your custom landscape design, the steps will be matched with the overall look of your outdoor oasis. With our collaboration, we can create beautiful.

will have the freedom to create beautiful patterns, and you will also have the option of coloring them. This durable surface can be used in many areas of your home. The stairs are an ideal application for decorative concrete to achieve an almost endless array of appearances.

The patterns on the concrete are a marvel of creativity. The biggest misconception with stamped concrete is that the patterns are easy to create. This is not true. In fact, the actual patterns seen in decorative concrete need to be carefully imprinted once the material is poured. Thus, stamping concrete to create patterns is more of an art form than anything else.


Concrete is an earthy-looking material that can be enhanced by coordinating the color with the landscaping or adding different colored pigments to enhance the floor’s appearance. Coloring concrete is not a new science, and in fact, it is now the preferred method to bring out its natural beauty. A plethora of colors can be created and applied.

Content by Milton's Concrete Sacramento Concrete Contractor

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