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Retaining Walls / Stone Walls

When you have elevation changes on your property, in order to get the most use of your space it may be necessary to excavate to offer more usable, flat landscape zones that can be achieved with retaining walls. A retaining wall is a structure that holds soil behind it. This is one of the most important components of a landscape design that is often overlooked. 

A concrete or stone wall is a free standing wall used to offer beauty and function when separating designated zones in your backyard oasis. When installed correctly, they become an attractive landscape feature offering textures, color, and functionality. 

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Structural Options–

A retaining wall is usually used to separate elevated areas from flatter, more usable surfaces. They offer structural support to keep soil in place and from eroding into your landscaped areas. Retaining walls can offer a planting feature or raised bed approach to growing a garden or adding floral color to your landscape. If you have a slope on your property, a retaining wall is a great solution to provide more usable areas in your hardscape. Retaining walls can be constructed using interlocking blocks or poured concrete.

Reduced Erosion –

Retaining walls create a more stable area incorporating a slope in the natural contour of your outdoor space. They provide a structure that prevents soil erosion due to rainfall or other contributing weather conditions. 


Flood Prevention –

Flooding can be is a serious obstacle in any landscape design, so retaining walls can offer better drainage to uneven terrains and allow excavation for more even usable spaces. If you don't have a barrier to keep your elevated areas stable, flooding can destroy the beauty of your existing landscape. When installed correctly, they will add texture and enhance the design of your outdoor oasis.


Just like a modern home with an open concept, some people embrace the open feel of the home, and others like to have designated rooms with walls separating the functions of the home. Free standing concrete or interlocking stone walls can create identifiable zones in the backyard that can provide a friendly atmosphere for outdoor dining, play areas for the kids, or keeping a dry zone away from the pool area.

Content by Milton's Concrete Sacramento Concrete Contractor

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